The Programme

Certificate into Enterprise (Postgraduate) – one year*

This is not a programme for the faint hearted spectator! This is a programme for the active graduate who wants to learn by doing, and is keen to upskill in an immersive, accelerated way. 

Our programme runs from July to December and is designed for graduates who want to get Into Enterprise. For some of you that will mean mixing your technical experience with business training to create your own enterprises. Or, you might want to improve your business skills in order to join a graduate training scheme of a large corporate. 

In the first month of the programme you’ll begin working with academics, coaches, mentors and practitioners to develop the skills, competencies and mindset that will take you successfully into enterprise. It begins in our IDEA Space with an intensive bootcamp on the core elements of business. You will learn about business models, financial architecture, identification of customer needs and wants (and how to meet them) and the nuts and bolts of running a business. 

Then, from August to November, you will participate in four project based modules:

  1. Market focused module
  2. Finance focused module
  3. Operations focused module
  4. Idea into Action focused module

The first three modules will involve building understanding through working with a company on a short, problem solving consultancy project. You will develop an understanding of how marketing works by solving a marketing problem for a company. You will develop as a professional by demonstrating how you can have impact outside of the classroom. 

For the final module, you’ll take an idea and bring it to market. The strength of your idea will be measured by how much you sell and how much money you make.

We’ll round off the programme in December, back in our IDEA Space. Here we’ll reflect on the knowledge you’ve gained about different elements of business and how they fit together. We’ll look at the life skills you’ve developed around leadership, teamworking, building trust, networking and persuading. We’ll examine the commercial mindset you’ve grown by making decisions with imperfect information, and your creative problem solving ability.