The Programme

The Programme

Our teaching programmes are designed on the principle that most entrepreneurs are more interested in doing things than simply knowing about them. We create a whole new set of experiences and opportunities; it’s your job to take advantage of them. This is your chance to study something you’re really interested in, and create your own programme that reflects your particular strengths, talents and ambitions.

A Life changing Experience

Many things claim to be ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences, but studying at SurreyIDEA genuinely will be. You’ll eat, sleep and breathe this course. You’ll have unique opportunities, meet people you might never otherwise encounter, and be exposed to radical new ideas and ways of thinking you literally won’t find anywhere else.

As a student with SurreyIDEA, you’ll be an active participant, not a spectator: instead of sitting in a lecture theatre taking notes, you’ll be looking at case studies and videos, visiting companies and incubators and meeting successful entrepreneurs. Because we’re not here simply to impart knowledge: we aim to change your life.