About Us

Welcome to the University for Entrepreneurs

Have you thought about what you’d like to do once you’ve left school? Maybe you’re looking for something a bit different to the traditional university or work routes, something that feels a bit more exciting, a bit more ‘you’? 

SurreyIDEA is inspired by, and developed from, our highly successful Young Person’s University programme, which we’ve run here at the Surrey Business School every July since 2015. The 30-40 Year 12 and 13 students who attend each year are bright, motivated and often incredibly entrepreneurial, but many don’t come from traditional university-going backgrounds, so are dropping out of the system after A-levels. We think this is a terrible waste, so we give them a chance to see if uni really is for them. After a week with us, most go on to apply to university – and usually get in.

We’re Surrey Innovation and Digital Enterprise Academy, or SurreyIDEA for short. We’re part of the Business School at the University of Surrey and our aim is simple; to find and develop the next generation of digital entrepreneurs and disrupters. We have a host of programmes for all groups and ages, from young people still at school through to doctoral candidates at university – whatever stage you’re at, we have award and non award bearing programmes that can help you on your journey Into Enterprise. 

What we offer is a real-world business education. Our unique approach, built around our IDEA Pedagogy, is all about rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in. An education that’s about participation, not being a spectator. Because we’re not here just to impart knowledge, we’re here to transform your life. We’ll provide you with the tools, experience and contacts you’ll need to turn your business ideas into reality. 

Andy Adcroft - Head of School
Will Langham-New
William Lanham-New, Programme Director
Gavin Whichello, Visiting Professor
Donna Shanks
Donna Shanks, SurreyIDEA Manager