Our team

In your classroom sessions, you’ll be learning from some of the UK’s leading business experts and academics, including specialists from SBS’s Centre for the Digital Economy (CoDE), Centre for Management Learning (CML) and our Entrepreneurship programmes. You’ll also benefit from mixing with students across all SBS programmes, giving you a huge range of insights, ideas and contacts.

William Lanham-New, Programme Director

will lanham-new

William served in the Royal Navy before completing a degree in Engineering at Aberdeen. After 10 years spent working on military projects in the space and defence sector, he developed his own start-ups: he’s currently managing director of D3Tex ltd, a textile-based solution to help combat Vitamin D deficiency in veiled Muslim women.

As programme director for undergraduate entrepreneurs and teaching lead for the entrepreneurship, innovation and digital department, William has overall responsibility for the SurreyIDEA programme.

Gavin Whichello, Visiting Professor

gavin whichello

Gavin is a science graduate of the University of Surrey and one of our most successful entrepreneurs. In a 40 year career, Gavin has worked internationally and has created, built and grown a succession of multi-million pound businesses in sectors as diverse as logistics and training.

As a member of the SBS Advisory Board, Gavin is a driving force behind SurreyIDEA bringing experience, guidance, mentoring and expertise. There aren’t many people who know as much as Gavin about living the life of an entrepreneur and sharing that kind of knowledge and expertise is core to all we do at SurreyIDEA

Donna Shanks, SurreyIDEA Manager

donna shanks

Donna is the glue that holds the many parts of SurreyIDEA together. Following a successful career in publishing, Donna joined SBS to support the Dean and Deputy Dean in 2015 as the school was becoming the fastest growing in the UK. Donna now manages SurreyIDEA: From the refurbishment of our facilities to create a unique learning space to organising our marketing, materials and summer schools, Donna is the one who makes things happen.